Accepted Papers

Rebecca Albrecht and Marco Ragni
Spatial Planning: An ACT-R Model for the Tower of London Task

Stephany Bigler, Annina Brügger, Fiona Utzinger and Kai-Florian Richter
Up, Down, Turn Around: Assisted Wayfinding Involving Level Changes

Heather Burte and Mary Hegarty
Alignment Effects and Allocentric-Headings within a Relative Heading Task

Maria Chang, Jon Wetzel and Kenneth Forbus
Spatial Reasoning in Comparative Analyses of Physics Diagrams

Xiaoli Chen and Timothy McNamara
Hierarchical Bayesian Cue Interaction in Human Spatial Navigation

Sarah Cook and Roy A. Ruddle
Effect of Simplicity and Attractiveness on Route Selection for Different Journey Types

Rodrigo de Oliveira
Spatial Language in Brazilian Portuguese as Perceived by the General Upper Model

Adamantini Hatzipanayioti, Alexia Galati and Marios Avraamides
Spatial Updating in Narratives

Toru Ishikawa
Spatial Concepts: Sensitivity to Changes in Geometric Properties in Environmental and Figural Perception

Sahib Jan, Angela Schwering, Malumbo Chipofya and Jia Wang
Qualitative Representations of Schematized and Distorted Street Segments in Sketch Maps

Thomas Kluth and Holger Schultheis
Attentional Distribution and Spatial Language

Tobias Kluth and Christoph Zetzsche
Spatial numerosity: A computational model based on a topological invariant

William E. Marsh, Jean-Rémy Chardonnet and Frédéric Merienne
Virtual Distance Estimation in a CAVE

Vivien Mast, Diedrich Wolter, Alexander Klippel, Jan Oliver Wallgrün and Thora Tenbrink
Boundaries and Prototypes in Categorizing Direction

Chiara Meneghetti, Erika Borella, Veronica Muffato, Rossana De Beni and Francesca Pazzaglia
Environment Learning from Spatial Descriptions: The Role of Perspective and Spatial Abilities in Young and Older Adults

David Nakath, Tobias Kluth, Thomas Reineking, Christoph Zetzsche and Kerstin Schill
Active sensorimotor object recognition in three-dimensional space

Toshihiro Osaragi
Cognitive Values of Place Image Detected from Spatial Distribution of Building Names

Thomas Reineking and Joachim Clemens
Dimensions of Uncertainty in Evidential Grid Maps

Patrick Renner, Thies Pfeiffer and Ipke Wachsmuth
Spatial References with Gaze and Pointing in Shared Space of Humans and Robots

Vera Ruthsatz, Sarah Neuburger, Petra Jansen and Claudia Quaiser-Pohl
Pellet Figures, the Feminine Answer to Cube Figures? Influence of Stimulus Features and Rotational Axis on the Mental-Rotation Performance of Fourth-Grade Boys and Girls

Maxime Sainte-Marie
The Road to Direction: The Impact of Road Asymmetry on Street-Based Network Small-Worldness

Linsey Smith, Raedy Ping, Bryan Matlen, Micah Goldwater, Dedre Gentner and Susan Levine
Mechanisms of Spatial Learning: Teaching Children Geometric Categories

Margaret Tarampi, Michael Geuss, Jeanine Stefanucci and Sarah Creem-Regehr
A Preliminary Study on the Role of Movement Imagery in Spatial Perception

Holly Taylor, Ayanna Thomas, Caterina Artuso and Caroline Eastman
Effects of Global and Local Processing on Visuospatial Working Memory

André van Delden and Reinhard Moratz
Crossing the Boundary: Two Benchmarks for Qualitative Spatial Reasoning bridging Relative Directions and Mereotopology

Ineke van der Ham and Jacco van den Hoven
Lateralization of Route Continuation and Route Order

Wai Kiang Yeap
On Egocentric and Allocentric Maps